Glad to see you, glad to hear you. There is a bit of everything here. You will find everything that is interesting to us and what we are ready to share with you.

On this page we will try to tell you about our project and acquaint you a little with navigation through the resource.

For several years we have been creating interior and designer toys. How we came to this fascinating craft can be found in the article Our interior toy. Getting to know us. In section "Blog Notes" Gradually, other materials will appear on the creation of author's toys. Having understood a little, you will find photos of our works, which at the moment are represented by three blocks:

  • Works on photography, heroes from films and fairy tales
  • Christmas decorations and interior figures
  • Stuffed animals and paraphernalia for quest rooms and apartments.

Over time, the number of photos and articles will increase. We will definitely write you about our new discoveries and directions in our work. Also available on the resource online shop it presents the finished work. We send them by mail not only across Russia, but also across all CIS and European Union countries.

Now let's talk a little about how long it takes to make an interior toy. Large compositions - stuffed animals and paraphernalia for quest rooms take about one or two months. On caricatures and Christmas tree decorations one or two weeks. Of course, it all depends on the complexity of the work and the workload. Each work is unique and individual, in addition to effort, time and material, we put a piece of our soul!

In conclusion, I would like to draw your attention to two more blocks that are not presented in our project. This is a block - contacts - here you will find my contact details and legal component. And also the block - Sections... It displays a valid sitemap making it easy to find content.

If you want to order an interior doll, toy, just write to us in one of the convenient ways. You can also find us on social networks using the links indicated at the top and bottom of the page.